Saturday, August 30, 2008

Empty Nest

We are enjoying a brief visit from Stan who has a break from school. Shedding some tears because Bethany is moving to Sacramento to complete her Bachelor's program in Speech Pathology. (I'm so glad to still have Nathaniel at home. He's becoming a great friend.) Bethany is excited to be working with her professor on a project that gives her some great experience in testing and some treatment. Something she would normally not get until she's in a Master's program.

I am taking things a day at a time. Still have about three months of treatment. My oncologist is referring me to a surgeon to discuss some possibilities of surgery. Pray with me about that. God is good and allowing me enough strength for each day.

Your friend,


Monday, August 18, 2008

Praying Friends

We had such a wonderful time at Camp Meeting. Seeing friends, enjoying family, soaking up good preaching and teaching. We didn't realize how isolated we had become over the last six months. I was so encouraged by all of you and inspired by the closeness of this great family of God.

I was meditating on the Lord and His people one morning and God spoke to my heart. "If My people love you enough to hold you up in prayer, imagine how precious you are to Me." How true that is! These wonderful people, many of whom I'm merely acquainted with, pray for me daily, fervently, effectually because the God I serve has placed me in their hearts and minds. Those same prayers are answered by that same great God. How marvelous that He chooses to use us in this way. We need not be alone when we walk through dark valleys and climb treacherous mountains because our God and His family walk with us. Thank you Jesus and thank you to everyone of you who hold us up.

May our God, who is more than enough, richly bless you today.